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Varied sources; inexhaustible, clean and low-cost energy.
As opposed to non-renewable energy sources- and by definition, scarce- of fossil origin (petrol, gas, coal) renewable energies come from natural sources, virtually inexhaustible, some because of the huge amount  of energy they house (solar energy), others because they are capable of regenerating by natural means (eolic energy). Renewable is the source; sustainable, the way it must be managed.

Eolic energy is obtained by harnessing the force of the wind, kinetic energy caused by the wind currents and the vibrations they produce. Eolian turbines (mills) are used to do this.

Solar energy can be obtained through domestic thermal panels; it can be turned into electricity by means of the photoelectric effect through photovoltaic panels.


Regarding price, the renewable power plants guarantee a long term stability of competitive tariffs.

Regarding obtaining, vulnerability in case of fuel supplying interruption is reduced and it gives more flexibility to distribution and provision of energy to peripheral and rural homes.

Regarding economy, the implementation of new technologies attracts investments destined to local infrastructure projects and allows to create jobs in the high technology sector of the. Green technology integrated to the landscape.




16/05 Nueva Iniciativa Latinoamericana Para El Desarrollo De Energía Eólica. Acuerdo marco entre la Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica, la Asociación Latinoamericana de Energía Eólica y Nowa Consultora Latinoamericana de Energías Renovables Ver más > 

17/04 Reestructuración de la Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica. Acuerdo entre AAEE y Nowa - Consultora de PR en Energías Renovables. Ver más >

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