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    Corporate Social Resposibility (CSR) leads to commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect towards people, communities and their natural environment.


    That´s why Nowa helps their clients develop global strategies to get actively involved in the environment they operate on and where they create bonds with the local community.


    Nowa provides consultancy services to analyze the incorporation of RSE actions integrated to HHRR strategies, the company´s conception of sustainable development in the middle and long term, their adhesion to natural environment preservation, together with their level of insertion in the local community.


     CSR is a key tool when building and strengthening the company´s institutional image because it establishes the compromise of actually working for a cultural change from their concern of the impact their actions have in society and in the environment.


    Area services:

    - Advising in  design, development and implementation of CSR programs

    - Joint CRS strategies between companies and NGO.

    - Diffusion programs of the CSR actions.

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> Management in renewable energy projects

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16/05 Nueva Iniciativa Latinoamericana Para El Desarrollo De Energía Eólica. Acuerdo marco entre la Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica, la Asociación Latinoamericana de Energía Eólica y Nowa Consultora Latinoamericana de Energías Renovables Ver más > 

17/04 Reestructuración de la Asociación Argentina de Energía Eólica. Acuerdo entre AAEE y Nowa - Consultora de PR en Energías Renovables. Ver más >

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